Monday, January 17, 2011

Thokozani Khupe a lady of shallow mind.

The fact the congress of the Movement for Democratic Change held a few weeks way has sent shivers t down the spines of the pseudo democrats and celebrated hypocrites in the MDC-T is no longer an issue of political propaganda by the members of that party, the outburst by the shallow minded Deputy President of the MDC-T is  a clear confirmation that the reign  of President Ncube is and would surely change the political landscape in this country.
It is shallow and misguided for Thokozani Khupe to still hold onto the past results and use them as a tool to predict that she will indeed win in the next election, let her be aware that President Ncube will contest the national election as a president not a small constituency, her attempts to reduce him have been overruled by the verdict of the congress.
Khupe deserves to know that only one thing is constant in our lives and that thing has change. It is public record that in the last election Thokozani Khupe with the assistance of some criminals she bused and paid some college students to register and vote in Makokoba, this is a stubborn fact that Khupe will not dispute wit a straight face. The fact that Welshman Ncube decided it was unworthy to challenge these results in a court of law, does not make Khupe a warrior. It is this defective electoral system that Ncube and other progressive are working on to close these loopholes.
Apart from that Khupe has done a lot of mistakes in Makokoba Constituency in the past, as a residents of this constituency I am  aware that Khupe founded and funded a burial society that the Councilor James Sithole is the chairperson, this burial society has made is its point to fraudulently squander the  money for the poor residents. This association has been made a vehicle to finance the MDC-T activities in the constituency, despite the initial appeal that it is a community programme that is apolitical. We are aware that this burial society’ major casualties are the Ndebele speaking people who have appealed and cried to Khupe  for their compensation only to receive her deception and cunning responses which point to the fact that she is aware of the scam.
It is a public secret that Thokozani Khupe , Sipepa Nkomo, Gorden Moyo through his Bulawayo Agenda have to constantly insult political opponents of their own tribes especially those that are a threat to Tsvangirai’ tribal empire MDC-T. These  insults are not only music to Tsvangirai but also a form of showing allegiance thus guaranteeing security of their position.
It is amazing that Khupe up to this day thinks with her token position that she didi not even earn in  the MDC-T believes that she has the right to question the wisdom of 4 320 delegates that grouped and so it fit to elect President Ncube. Khupe should to pour out her frustration of their failure to hold the elective congress where all positions are elected unconditionally, everybody knows in fact it is a record in the media that they had to go through a national council and other all made to kneel and swear that they won’t contest Tsvangirai in their congress as the precondition.
Yes Khupe can fool some but we refuse to be fooled by people that are not real but shall remain as a symbol of tribal assimilation for their handlers in the capital, the public deserves to know that Khupe herself has no support of her district as recently on the tour of her president in Bulawayo she failed to respond to the allegations of division in her constituency but chose arrogance,  this happened at small city hall a fact that Khupe can’t dispute.
Such vitriol against those that have never had made it their business to attack her party is surely embarrassing to say the least, it does not only expose her weak leadership but  her own insecurities. Thokozani must not forget that she might have made it as a fast climber in politics, the name she finally gave her restaurant she failed to manage, that same specie of a tree has no strong roots, the dry season is nigh her arrogance won’t help.
Surely Khupe has a very poor memory, she was called from oblivion by the same Ncube after the departure of Doctor Mthupha who was supposed to be a candidate, President Ncube and the late Gibson Sibanda had to convince the people of Makokoba that she be given the opportunity to leave and now because of the thirty pieces of silver she attacks the hand that fed her.
Yes Welshman Ncube lost the election but let me remind Khupe that her leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the first top six management of the MDC remains the only one who has never won an election even under the united MDC, he only landed that position in government after the sterling and intelligent negotiation of President Ncube, so if she wants to see a perennial election loser Khupe must not look far from her master.  Morgan Tsvangirai  even lost a vote thin the party, the verdict he failed to respect leading to the split and choosing just boot leckers to surroung him and not real democrats.
She might hate him or love him. Ncube possess’ a  divine political acumen that no one will ever take it away from him, today we expect him, infact he has already taken the office of the principal, where he will expose the intellectual short comings of Khupe’ handler, I believe this is the source of her frustration. Khupe must be informed that you can’t pin down a man of many talents like President Ncube, the most rationale thing is to celebrate this diversity.
Her outburst expose the desperation of Khupe to keep on trying to match the ever rising profile of Ncube, where he earns decoration after decoration, surely what drawing board can MDC-T return to, when in fact it doesn’t have any, they have exposed and continue to expos  their strategic poverty on daily basis something that has even disturbed their handlers.
The achievement of President Ncube are historic on their own, those with a sharp memory will remember it was last in 1956 that a Ndebele leader was elected president of  national political party in Harare, that leader late Joshua Nkomo.
President Ncube should not distracted by this molehills the mandate of the congres aws and is that he should tackle the mountains. Such things must inspire him to fight more for the total democritisation of the state.

Nicholas Mathanzima is a student of Proper Thinking at the University of Cyprus. he can be contacted at:

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