Sunday, January 30, 2011


We, the Youths of Bulawayo representing the 29 wards of Bulawayo Province gathered at the Bulawayo Provincial office, Proclaim for the Youth of the Bulawayo to know:
Cherishing the legacy of selfless resistance to injustice left by our predecessors through heroic efforts from 1890 to 1980
Committed to the attainment of a plural, democratic, non discriminatory, non violent and prosperous society
Mindful of the culture of plunder, natural resource abuse and disrespect of humanity inflicted upon our fellow countrymen by the successive Governments of the Rhodesian Front and the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front and the need to reverse such status quo,
Devoted towards the social, political and economic interests of young Zimbabweans
Pursuant of the attainment of the resolutions of the All Working People’s Convention of 26th to 28th February 1999
Having consulted amongst ourselves and Youths throughout the province.
Cognizant of the challenges facing Young people.
United behind the Movement for Democratic Change Youth Assembly
Do hereby resolve:

On Education
  • To embark on partnerships with the international academic institutions to facilitate that members of the Youth Assembly get access to quality tertiary education
  • To lobby the organisations that offer scholarships and bursaries to avail such to qualified members of the Youth Assembly
  • To engage the business community towards setting up a scholarship fund for the members of the Youth Assembly who are unable to proceed with education due to financial constraints
  • To embark on campaigns and engage the government to ensure that the schooling system prepares young people to be key players in the country’s mainstream economy as entrepreneurs through the relevant curriculum.


  • To lobby for direct representation of Youth in the Empowerment and Indigenization Board
  • To lobby the key role players in the indigenization process to ensure that the Youth benefit during the indigenization process
  • To lobby for a non-discriminatory distribution of the Youth Empowerment Fund
  • To lobby the City Council to give first preference to young people on general jobs that might arise in the municipality.
  • To ensure that first preference is given to the Youths in the rehabilitation of the Municipality infrastructure e.g. as bridges
  • To lobby the Ministry of Youth to adequately and unequivocally distribute the Youth Fund to every young person regardless of political affiliation.
  • To gather a database of resume’s of members of the Youth Assembly
  • To conduct a quarterly Jobs Fair to fast track the employment process

  • To lobby the City Fathers for the implementation of Youth Market Gardens with at least three in every ward

  • To push for the convening of a National Youth ICT conference for the adoption of a clear ICT programme
  • To lobby the municipality and the Non-governmental organisations to rehabilitate the Youth Centers
  • To engage the Ministry of ICT for the connection of internet in the Youth Centers
  • To mobilize the members of the Youth Assembly to participate in the Podcasting revolution
  • Encourage members to participate towards community development by adding their voice to debates through opinion pieces to newspapers and engaging in media policy debates
  • To develop a dedicated programme to encourage Youth Entrepreneurship in the ICT sector.
  • Encourage local government to provide e-government services
  • To embark on skills training for District , Ward and Branch leadership throughout the Province
  • To distribute and educate members on the Party Building Manual
  • To develop a cadre development programme to develop a cadre who is able to respond to all political situations according to the MDC-YA aims and objectives
  • To create a structured annual programme to enhance the capacity of the members to deal with ideological questions
  • To intensify the process of mass mobilization and recruitment behind the process of change
  • Develop programmes that will target the youths of the white and Indian origin
  • To develop programmes that will attract the youths of Islamic, Hindu and Jewish religions who are generally excluded from many programmes
  • To develop programmes that will address the following
          1. Poverty and unemployment
          2. Health issues
          3. Academic challenges
          4. Social development

  • Engage training institutions like the Women In Politics Support Unit to capacitate young women with leadership skills.
  • To campaign for a 50% women representation in all local and House of Assembly elections
  • To jointly work with the Movement for Democratic Change Women’s Assembly (MDCWA)
  • To engage the MDC at all levels to push for the role, space and semi-autonomous status of the Youth Assembly
  • To lobby for the adoption of a Youth Assembly constitution at the 3rd All people’s Congress

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