Saturday, January 15, 2011


The  MDC has observed the expected though shameful reporting from the state media who have chosen to tell the world and the nation the half-baked story  on the Launch of the Commodities Exchange in Zimbabwe held in Harare on Friday 15 January 2011.
It is unfortunate that the state media chose to ignore the parent ministry of the project which is the Ministry of Industry and Commerce despite the address delivered by Minister Prof Welshman Ncube. We thus wish to make known to the world that the inclusive government mandated this Ministry with the responsibility to facilitate, coordinate and oversee the establishment of the commodities exchange in Zimbabwe under the  Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP). It is this Ministry that gave birth to the Commodity Exchange.
In line with this mandate the Ministry launched the program after a wide consultation and had asked the Deputy President John Landa Nkomo to conduct the official opening who in turn sent his emissary Didymus Mutasa. Amazingly the state media being aware of this information decided not to mention that this is the works of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce while preferring to accord space to the emissary of the Deputy President. We are disturbed by this journalism and editorial policy of the state media that has reduced the public institution into an instrument of settling political scores.
As a party we are aware that the sterling performance of our Minister and Ministers in the inclusive government has exposed the deadwood deployed by the handlers of the state media, as expected they are trying to steal the victories from those that are performing  excellently  up to the expectations of the people of Zimbabwe. We are not going to sit and watch while some dead wood with the assistance of morally empty media steal the victory of the hard and diligent works of our members in the government.
We want to put it on record that despite this attempt to hide the achievements of our Ministers by this disgraceful journalism, which ignores the basic ethics of practise which are fairness and truthfulness, our Ministers shall remain the servants of the people  and will not lose heart.
Furthermore we are aware that the state media through the instigation of their handlers who are our political enemies have since the ascent of Prof Welshman Ncube to the presidency of our party they have intensified their efforts to vilify his person, position and that of the party, we wish to make it known that we chose the side to fight hand in hand with the people of Zimbabwe, a decade ago well aware of the trouble inherent in our decision. We are bracing for more of these attacks but we are aware that the people of Zimbabwe will no longer be fooled.
Kurauone Chihwayi
Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity- 0772 748 515

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