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I have nothing personal against Bulawayo Agenda and or Gorden Moyo. I
have never hated any of both and I do not intend to do so later in my
life. I equally do not have any problems with any person belonging to
and or forming any organisation but I have every problem with any
person and or organization whose activities seek to undermine,
ridicule and or unfairly campaign for some political club under the
false banner of providing honest members of the public with a forum
for debate and dialogue.

All sane minded Zimbabweans who have had an opportunity of following
the operations of Bulawayo Agenda and more specifically that of one
Godern Moyo – who is now a Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s
office after his hiring by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai – will
agree that ever since he got into office Moyo through his “stolen or
hijacked project” Bulawayo Agenda has arrogantly smuggled MDC-T
programmes into Byo Agenda business.

The smuggling has mainly been aimed at consolidating the fiction that
Moyo is popular in Byo and has capacity to garner support for the MDC
T in Matabeleland and more particularly in Byo. One needs to
understand where all this nonsense is coming from. MDC T is a small
tribal faction of a  breakaway group from the real MDC and has failed
to garner support that is why it believes that one looser of 2000
elections with 123 votes on record can raise their stakes.

As a result – people of Bulawayo and Zimbabwe have noticed their
scandalous abuse at the hands of imperial megaphones and running dogs
who still call sanctions restrictive measures with no impact to the
economy when the fact is  clear that Godern Moyo is a nepotistic
leader who has infested Byo Agenda with his close family members or

A clear case in point being that Ms Bakani Ncube, the blood young
sister of Godern Moyo’s wife is a secretary at Byo Agenda whereas his
blood young brother Polite Moyo is the Programmes Officer at Gweru
Agenda. There is no coincidence here it is as plain as the Sam Sipepa
Nkomo – Phathisa Nyathi – Butholezwe Nyathi saga. Its how the MDC T
operates put simply.

Those of us who know well and understand how Byo Agenda came into
being will detail for the world that the organisation has abandoned
its own children like Busani Gegane Ncube ( Alias Gegane Ndlovu), who
through thick and thin defended the organisation against a tide caused
and led by the real project owners. Today Ncube is in some advocacy
office and Gordern Moyo has left him there.

Moyo must be reminded that in the election of 2000, Busani Gegane
Ncube was one of his chief election managers and campaigners and
infact Busani Gegane Ncube lobbied and campaigned for Moyo and one
Msimanga (who later became  the Zapu 2000 Council candidate) to the
position of Information and Publicity Secretary. At the time, Busani
Gegane Ncube was a flea market vendor at Madlodlo Beer garden. People
of Byo are watching and have gotten fed up of the operations and
glaring abuse of Gorden Moyo.

Godern Moyo in an attempt to bolster in fictitious political muscle
has given birth to the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association –
which he is patron of. The organisation led by one Rodrick Fayayo, a
former University of Zimbabwe student leader is an MDC T coy meant to
form pseudo MDC T structures in Bulawayo specifically to cover the
back of Moyo in the unlikely event that he dares to contest elections.

Fayayo another victim of abuse, has been in charge of penning, and
badly so, the centre page of the Weekly Agenda and some magazine which
at times has no real stories but attendance registers of the MDC T
meetings held under the banner and purportedly for the residents of

Maybe the problem with our not so intelligent Prime Minister Morgan
Tsvangirai was and is that he does not understand how the Bulawayo
Agenda came into being – that is why he ran and hugged Moyo mistaking
him for a civic society messiah in Bulawayo, when in truth Moyo is a
dangerous opportunist that should watched, even in the MDC T.

We know for a fact that Moyo is up to no good in the MDC T and
Bulawayo, that is why he intends to form Chitungwidza Agenda and other
Agendas nationwide. Today – he has Gweru Agenda, Binga Agenda, Gwanda
Agenda, Matopo Agenda, Lupane Agenda, Plumtree Agenda, Masvingo Agenda
and Victoria Falls Agenda under his stable, and if PM Tsvangirai does
not see this as a replica of the Cape to Cairo dream of Cecil John
Rhodes then he is surely unworthy the leader he has been made to be.

Most notably and more exposing of the desperate Moyo antics is the
naked fact that most of PM Tsvangirai’s Matabeleland ministerial
appointees are the ones that featured more in the discredited Godern
Moyo cooked project called – Meet the Candidate Series.

Minister Sipepa Nkomo, Former Nkayi Member of parliament Abednico
Bhebhe and Bulawayo Governor designate Seyiso Moyo were chauffeured by
Bulawayo Agenda staff all over the region to address public meetings
and other audiences for hire at the expense of donor funds meant to
benefit of apolitical platforms of debate and dialogue as the correct
funding guidelines and aims and objectives of the Bulawayo Agenda.
It is known by all and sundry that PM Tvsangirai thinks of only these
men during the very few times he imagines himself appointing someone
from Matabeleland. The people know that they have taken for a ride to
save and perpetuate Moyo’s stay in Harare and they also know how Moyo
and some of his sidekicks have blocked donor funding of other
organizations by gossiping and lying about personnel in those
organizations. Moyo and his side kicks must be warned to refrain
totally from this act as it will for sure haunt him one day.

PM Tvsangirai must know that there is absolutely nothing amazing about
the civic society capacity of Godern Moyo save for the fact that some
confused donors chose to listen to him and other hangers on sometime
when there were problems at Bulawayo Dialogue, which was originally
founded on 22 May 2000.

The truth of the matter is that after the founding of Bulawayo
Dialogue by one Qhubani Moyo and Jethro Mpofu, the organisation grew
and there was a plea by the people of Bulawayo for documentation of
the activities of Bulawayo Dialogue which had made meetings. At the
time Moyo was a geography and Divinity teacher working and Elite High
School situated 24 kilometers away from Bulawayo near Khami Prision –
after being fired in Zapu 2000 for insubordination and causing
divisions – which he is good at.

Then Radio Dialogue FM, (which originally meant Free Matabeleland and
not frequency modulation) was formed and funded by KAF with Bulawayo
Dialogue. Godern Moyo was a usual speaker particularly on
regionalization and evidence of same is available. He had no position
whatsoever but was a friend of the organizers and coordinators of
Bulawayo Dialogue.

Radio Dialogue FM has its problems related to handling of funds by and
between Qhubani Moyo, Jethro Mpofu and Jesuit priest Father Nigel
Francis Bernard Johnson. The then donor Konrad Adenuar Foundation
threatened to withdraw funding leading to the firing of six black
employees on allegations of “being close” to Qhubani Moyo and Jethro
Mpofu. Those that remained interestingly – Kudzai Kwangwari, Rosemary
Chauke , prominent and sober journalist Zenzele Ndebele and Sheron
Sithole. The fired employees were Innocent B Ncube, Busani Ncube,
Dumisani Siziba, Qhubani Moyo, Godwin Phiri, Simiso Moyo, Jethro Mpofu
and scores of volunteers.

The project of having debate and dialogue fortnight meeting was under
threat of extinction and then came Godern Moyo and Brilliant Mhlanga
who knew Fr Nigel Johnson from the University of Zimbabwe. They sought
the aid of lawyer Daniel Molokela alias Fortune Mguni, King claimant
to the thrown – Muntu Zwidekalanga Khumalo, George Mkhwanazi  and
Kudzai Kwangwari – amongst other hangers on and approached the donors
with Moyo to steal the project, which they did.

It is worth noting that they were many backdoor approaches by the
donors to former employees who had nothing to do with the Radio
Dialogue misappropriation of funds case – but were rejected on the
basis that accepting a job within the establishment was tantamount to
stabbing comrades at the back But Godern Moyo, when approached he took
the office and on attempting to run Bulawayo Dialogue as it is – he
faced resistance because the name Bulawayo Dialogue had been born out
of consultations within and amongst an organisation called Nkulumane
Youth Empowerment Council – chaired by the late Malume Caster

As such, even the issue of the Leopard which was a logo of Bulawayo
Dialogue could not be used. That is why Godern Moyo and his hangers on
had to go on and steal the Bulawayo City Logo of an elephant because
they had failed to get the leopard in meeting held on 18 May 2001 at
the Selbourne Hotel.

This is why the organisation had and is still called Bulawayo Agenda
today because the real owners of this abused project after being
muscled out by imperial power plus the Moise Tshombes of this Bulawayo
refused with their name. Godern Moyo then went on to get all the chuff
that had been left out in active politics like him in Bulawayo and
started a dream of creating a national agenda and usurping powers in
organisation as he attempts to do in the MDC T now.

What however is instructive is that we are fully aware of the
continued abuse of the people of Bulawayo in a veiled or diplomatic
strategy by Godern Moyo to garner support for his party that was at
the behest of calling for sanctions against the country and now does
not know about them.

Young and greening minds like that of Mzwandile Ndlovu have
unfortunately fallen prey to political molesting at Pioneer House and
blindly accepted that Godern Moyo is the Alpha and Omega of civil
society politics in the region. We warn such people and advise them
that if a person is five centimeters away from the enemy, it is safer
to mistake that person for an enemy and deal appropriately with him.
The same goes for Rodrick Fayayo whose history and presence is
interesting and readers will know of it, should occasion meriting such

PM Morgan Tvsangirai should know the leopard that he has in Godern
Moyo and those in the MDC T party that have started a game of throwing
stones at other parties, more particularity - against the real MDC
should be warned that such attacks will not go unchallenged and
writers of the Bulawayo Agenda Weekly must refrain from making bizarre
claims and allegations against MDC and any other organisation on the
basis of sheer ignorance……This is just a summary of the key fact
relating to the treacherous rise to power of Godern Moyo and his abuse
of the people of Matabeleland for personal gain.

Now Godern Moyo has gone on and on to further abuse the organization
that he stole as he is reportedly using it to form MDC T structures
that are menat to dup the people of Matabeleland.
 See Next Piece on  This matter.

Busani Ncube is a member  an uwavering of MDC Youth Assembly – Bulawayo

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